How to Get Your Credit Score from the 3 Credit Bureaus

The three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and Transunion – each come up with their own version of your credit score. Most of the time, the scores are relatively close together, assuming all of your creditors report the same information to all three companies.

Thankfully, FreeCreditClick lets you take a look at all three of your credit scores at one time in about 6-7 minutes. I’ve put together a little walkthrough to show exactly what you need to do.

Your name, email and zip code are all you need to put in at this point. They use the information to make sure you are who you say you are. Once you click the “Your scores now” button, you’ll be taken here:

Your address is required to verify your identity. Pretty much every address that has been associated with your name in the last seven years will be in at least one of your credit reports. The username/password is for FreeCreditClicks’ site so you can log in and out to see when your score updates. Clicking submit and continue takes you here:

Your social security number and your credit score are tied in with each other. It’s essentially the “key” to your credit. The credit bureaus use it to identify individuals and the accounts associated with them. You’ll put in your SSN to verify your identity, along with your birthday. Clicking continue takes you here:

These are ID verification questions made up of accounts in your credit report. You should know the answer to each of these, though there is a “none of the above” option if nothing matches up. For example, if it asks about a home loan, but you’ve never had a home loan, “none of the above” will be the right answer. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’re taken here:

Once everything is pulled, you’ll be required to put in a credit/debit card for a last verification check. They charge you $1 and it also gets you into their monitoring service. If you don’t want to have your credit monitored, you have seven days to call the number below to cancel. You’ll still get to see all of your credit scores.

You’ll want to call that number to cancel if you don’t want the credit monitoring. Once you click the orange box you’ll be taken to the main page here:

Your scores will be listed under the boxes just below “My Credit Score”. You’ll also be able to see what’s affecting your credit with each bureau.

It’s pretty simple and only takes a few minutes to get your score. If anything looks incorrect, you’ll want to contact the company responsible for it immediately to get it fixed. The last thing you want is incorrect information on your credit. Have a look at your score and see exactly where your credit stands.

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